Protecting our Pollinators

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Only when creatures are named, do we care.

Have you heard of the Windshield Effect? When growing up, family vacations meant washing the windshield at every gas station on our long drive across country. Children today rarely encounter this plethora of splattered bugs. Our insect biodiversity is disappearing, our meadows shrinking, our pollinators falling silent as they wink out of existence. In the new quarterly magazine 2 Million Blossoms: protecting our pollinators we aim to name the unnamed. As you flip through the 100+ pages, you’ll pedal along the migratory route of monarchs, learn how to provide nesting habitat for solitary bees, chase bees through the desert to find rare sources of water, become a better beekeeper and active steward of the environment, explore mountain ranges and vast prairies in search of pollinators, adventure far without ever leaving your home.

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